Industrie Meccaniche di Bagnolo (IMB) is recognized globally for the custom design and manufacture of specialty shell and tube heat exchangers for multiple applications across the oil and gas refining and petrochemical processing sectors.

IMB Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

IMB is renowned for its expertise meeting challenging requirements, including high pressures and temperatures, complex fabrication, critical welding and specialist metallurgy.

Principal products include:


LUMMUS ADVANCED BREECH-LOCK EXCHANGER® With >700 units in operation, IMB is responsible for >50% of the world’s capacity for LABLEX®.

LABLEX® is utilized in high-temperature/high-pressure applications including hydrocracking, hydro-treating, gas compression, ammonia/urea synthesis and methanol production.


Compared with conventional solutions, LABLEX® provides increased plant reliability and lowest total life-cycle cost through simplified and efficient operation and reduced servicing requirements. To learn more visit LABLEX®


HELIXCHANGERHELIXCHANGER® is an alternative to conventional shell and tube heat exchangers and delivers up to 30% reduced physical size and/or fewer shells, which means significant savings in capital costs with reduced piping, structure and plot plan. Replacing a conventional tube bundle with HELIXCHANGER® for a plant revamp will deliver increases in processing capacity up to 40%. Existing shells and piping can be retained delivering further cost savings.

Typical services in the gas processing, refining, petrochemical and chemical industries include:

  • Crude preheat exchangers
  • Feed preheaters
  • Oil coolers
  • Process gas coolers
  • Compressor aftercoolers
  • Reactor feed-effluent exchangers
  • Overhead condensers
  • Column reboilers


To learn more visit HELIXCHANGER®

Hairpin Heat Exchangers

Hairpin Heat Exchangers Unlike multi-pass shell-and-tube designs where correction factors are used to account for inefficiencies resulting from co-current passes, hairpin heat exchangers use true counter-current flow to maximize temperature differences between shell- side and tube-side fluids. Owing to fewer sections and less surface area, a hairpin heat exchanger is the most efficient design when a process requires a temperature cross i.e. the hot fluid outlet temperature is below the cold fluid outlet temperature.

IMB hairpin heat exchangers are utilized in oil and gas processing, natural gas storage, LNG and power generation.


Characteristics of hairpin heat exchangers versus conventional shell and tube units:

  • Separate tube-sheets means high temperature differences and cycling are handled more effectively
  • Moveable support brackets allows shell expansion and contraction and eliminates the need for sliding plates
  • Tube-side and shell-side connections on the same end reduces piping and facilitates simpler installation
  • No internal bolting
  • Double-pipe exchangers provide enhanced integrity by utilizing pipe instead of thin wall tubing


To learn more visit hairpin heat exchangers

Heat Exchangers for Offshore

Heat Exchangers for Offshore

Maximizing performance while minimizing space is the most critical aspect of every offshore installation. Through our long association and proven track record in the industry, IMB recognizes this and our technical expertise is highly prized by our customers. From large hairpin heat exchanger installations to sub-sea coolers, IMB provides the most comprehensive selection of custom designed tubular heat exchanger products and solutions. Furthermore, our technical consultancy, training and aftermarket service is second to none.

To learn more about making your operations more efficient and productive visit heat exchangers for offshore.

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