CO2 Monitoring & Safety

Ensure a safe working environment with the CO2Meter Remote Safety Alarm or Analox Sensor Technology Monitoring System.

1-safetysysillus_analox Ax60_CO2_sensor
1-safetysysillus_analox Ax60_CO2_sensor

The CO2Meter CO2 Storage Safety Alarm is designed to protect people who work near carbon dioxide stored in closets or confined spaces. At high levels, CO2 can result in problems ranging from headaches and fatigue to asphyxiation and even death. 

CO2 alarms are critical and may be required in breweries, wineries, beverage dispensing areas, restaurants, fast food establishments, dry ice storage, CO2 storage tanks, laboratories, or anywhere CO2 is stored or produced in high volume. 

The CO2 Storage Safety Alarm has both an audible alarm and flashing visual indicator when CO2 concentrations reach a pre-set level. Three built-in relays can be used to control ventilation, your HVAC system, or even be wired to an alarm panel to notify your alarm company or the fire department. 
Best of all, the CO2 Storage Safety Alarm is easy to install and use. Simply mount both units on the wall (all cables and hardware included), plug the display unit into a standard wall jack, and the alarm is ready to protect you, your customers and employees.


The Analox AX60 is designed specifically for the hospitality industry allowing multiple placements of alarm and sensor units which are connected to a central display. Each alarm unit not only has an audible sounder but also utilizes a high-intensity LED strobe light - perfect for warning of danger in noisy environments. Additional accessories are available, including a sensor protective guard, sensor splash guard, manager's office beacon & junction box mounting kit.

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  • CO2 Monitoring System Installation
  • CO2Meter RAD-0102-6 CO2 Monitoring System
  • Analox AX60 CO2 Monitoring System

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