Stainless Steel Cryogenic Freezers

Chart Industries offers a complete line of MVE stainless steel cryogenic freezers with vial capacities ranging from 3,200 to 94,000.

Our vapor units maintain -190°C at the top storage box and achieve the longest holding times and lowest LN2 consumption of any comparable cryogenic freezers on the market.

Featuring Chart MVE TS™ touchscreen technology

Chart MVE TS is a touchscreen controller that employs a variety of advanced features that enable it to monitor and control the environment inside a freezer with the highest levels of precision:

  • Liquid nitrogen level measurement with automated level control
  • Predictive tool for liquid nitrogen usage
  • Up to 18 user-defined alarms with remote monitoring
  • Highly accurate temperature measurement
  • Hot gas bypass vents warm nitrogen from the supply line and increases freezer efficiency by reducing evaporation
  • Data storage for up to 30,000 events (approx. 10 years service life)
  • Password security
  • Communication capabilities include two independent ports for multiple devices and a further port for network connections

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