Cryogenic Products for Air Gases - Made in China

Complete range of cryogenic products for the efficient distribution, storage and end-use of atmospheric and industrial gases for industry, science, leisure, food and beverage, medical and research. 

Chart's Changzhou facility supports customers throughout Asia and beyond. It is fully equipped to engineer and build Chart's cryogenic storage tanks, liquid cylinders, MicroBulk solutions and mobile units, including the Orca® and cryogenic semi-trailers. Other Chart superior products in the portfolio are Perma-Cyl®, Dura-Cyl®, Trifecta® gas supply system and the ultra dewar. Accessories such as vacuum insulated pipe and advanced telemetry stystems complete the range.

Principal Products

Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Storage Tanks

cryogenic storage tanks with vacuum insulation

  • Chart vacuum insulation technology and other proprietary features protect valuable cryogenic gases from ambient conditions and deliver total lowest cost of ownership
  • Avaialble in both vertical and horizontal orientation, a range of volumes up to 1000m3 and with working pressures of 8 and 16 bar
  • Designed built and tested fully in accordance with Chinese national standards and regulations
  • Also available in accordance with ASME and AS1210 codes

Orca® Cryogenic Liquid Transport Vehicle

Orca cryogenic liquid delivery vehicle built in China

  • Chart's Orca has been built in China since 2006 and vehicles conform to all domestic norms and standards
  • Equipped to fill liquid cylinders and tanks of all sizes
  • Particularly suited to operating in urban areas and locations not easily accessible to larger bulk tankers

MicroBulk Cryogenic Delivery Systems

  • Liquid storage capacity sized according to customer requirements
  • Remote fill facilitates safest liquid delivery with zero customer interaction
  • Advanced telemetry maximizes delivery efficiency and eliminates the risk of product outages
  • Accurate metering ensures you only pay for what you receive

Cryogenic Transport Trailers

cryogenic transport trailer made by Chart China

  • Austenitic stainless steel inner vessel and pipe work with high quality carbon steel outer vessel and durable paint finish
  • High vacuum multi-layer insulation for maximum protection of high value liquid gases
  • Maximized axle load capacity with single, twin and triple axle options available

Packaged Gas Storage Vessels

Mega-Cyl packaged gas cylinders made by Chart China

  • Includes Perma-Cyl, Dura-Cyl and Mega-Cyl ranges
  • Conform to all US parent company standards together with domestic and international codes
  • Eliminate high pressure gas cylinders and associated disadvantages of manual handling, run-outs, residual gas losses and full for empty exchanges
  • Integrate with Chart MicroBulk systems
  • Chart superior insulation

Vacuum Insulated Pipe

  • Most efficient, cost effective, safe and reliable method for transferring cryogenic liquids from the storage tank to point of use
  • Can be supplied as part of a complete cryogenic solution including tank and vaporizer

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