Orca™ MicroBulk Mobile LNG Fueling Unit

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ENN Canada is a leader in the construction and operation of LNG fueling stations to serve the heavy duty trucking industry and other high-horsepower markets. They are dedicated to providing customers with a full range of natural gas solutions including LNG supply, LNG station construction and operation, and assistance in acquiring LNG vehicles. ENN Canada currently operates three LNG fueling stations, two in British Columbia and one in Ontario along major transportation routes.


ENN Canada needed a reliable, Canadian-certified mobile fueling unit that would be able to handle its arduous customer fueling requirements while their permanent LNG station in Chilliwack, BC, was being built.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and positioned along Highway 1, the mobile/temporary fuel station would be located on one of the busiest trucking corridors in British Columbia, and therefore requires up to 40 fills per day. ENN Canada wanted to work with a company that had an established reputation and a solid industry track record, which ultimately led them to Chart Inc.


Chart built ENN Canada a custom LNG Orca MicroBulk Delivery System, a completely self-contained mobile fueling station specifically designed to provide safe LNG fueling capabilities. The system was chosen because it acts as a quick-response solution that could meet ENN Canada’s existing customer demand, as well as build base load for future stations and help smoothly transition their sites to permanent LNG stations.

Some of the key features of the system include:

  • Patented liquid-submerged pump that greatly reduces refueling time.
  • Integrated meter system that allows operators faster start-ups and single-hose, zero-loss filling with auto shutoff
  • Integrated saturation coil that allows pump filling for spark-ignited natural gas or high-pressure, direct-injection engine platforms – so only one solution is necessary to fuel multiple engine technologies.
  • Highest safety and quality standards in the industry

In addition to offering professional services to help commission the system, Chart also provided support and troubleshooting efforts throughout the early stages of the process to ensure smooth and efficient operations.


ENN Canada is pleased to have now exceeded the original estimation of 40 fills per day with the LNG Orca Delivery System without issue. Before transitioning to the permanent station, the site reached more than 7,500 fills, successfully meeting the sizable fueling needs of customers, who are experiencing up to 40 percent cost savings by using LNG over diesel.

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