Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Pipe (Vacuum Jacketed Pipe)

Chart Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Pipe (aka Vacuum Jacketed Pipe) delivers a thermal efficiency >10 times better than traditional foam insulated pipe.

Choose your optimum cryogenic pipe solution:

  • Engineered to Order for a fully customized solution
  • Python® utilizes pre-engineered standard sections for easy modular construction, reduced cost, lead-time and engineering

Vacuum insulated pipe

At every stage our experienced, highly trained staff are available to help at all levels of complexity, from guiding you through our on-line Python picklist to addressing the most demanding cryogenic pipe challenges. 

  Engineered to Order Python® VIP
Liquid Service LN2, LO2, LAR, LH2, LHe, LCO2, LNG LN2, LAR, LCO2​, LNG
Configuration Complete custom engineered Pre-engineered standard sections
Nominal ID 1/2" to 12" 1", 2", 3"

150psig with bayonets

400psig with welded field joints

Typical Lead Time 3 to >6 weeks after design approval Finished goods in stock. 2 to 4 weeks for assembly
Engineering Capability Full Chart design with trained staff equipped to handle all levels of complexity Design your own system using our online Python picklist. Inside sales staff available to provide assistance
  • Piping systems in accordance with ASME B31.3
  • Cleaned for cryogenic service
  • Helium mass spec. tested to 1x10-9 cc/sec

Application Examples

Engineered to Order Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

  • Space simulation for temperature testing satellites
  • Nanoparticle cleaning for layered electronic processor manufacturing of smart phones 
  • Temperature shock testing of electronic components for automotive, aerospace and defense 
  • Nitrogen dosing to increase bottle rigidity, reduce waste and increase shelf life in food and beverage packaging

Python® Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

Ideal for highly temperature-sensitive piping systems found in the petrochemical, energy, manufacturing and food and beverage industries and an excellent choice for liquid CO2 applications.

Vacuum insulated pipe

Total System Solution

Vacuum Insulated Pipe is a key component enabling Chart to deliver the optimum turnkey cryogenic solution for a huge variety of liquid gas applications, all the way from food and beverage packaging to providing high rates of hydrogen and oxygen at space launch pads.

Nitrogen System Illustration

  1. Liquefied gases are stored at ultra-cold temperatures in a vacuum insulated tank.
  2. Vacuum jacketed pipe connects the tank’s liquid withdrawal to the application equipment.
  3. Chart equipment controls the delivery of gas to other applications within the facility.
  4. The application equipment is designed to utilize liquid at specific properties.

Comprehensive After-Sales Service and Support

Technical services team

Expert staff available to assist from our facilities and in the field with:

  • All technical queries and systems advice
  • Spare parts
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Service, maintenance and repairs
  • Helium mass spectometer leak and vacuum loss testing

Range of Options and Accessories

Maximize the functionality of your system through a series of Chart supplied accessories, including:

  • Adjustable Pressure Phase Separator (APPS) - allow low pressure liquid to be provided to an installation that is supplied from a bulk tank at higher pressure without the need to install a separate bulk tank
  • Phase Separator - used in highly specialized applications requiring extremely high purity, low pressure liquid nitrogen on demand
  • Vacuum insulated withdrawal for installations that require the transfer of high purity, cold, low pressure liquid from bulk or MicroBulk storage
  • Gas monitoring
  • Cryovents and heaters

Visit our video channel for a series of informational videos on Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Pipe.

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