Thermax VaporizersPrimarily through the Thermax brand and subsequently further expanded through the acquisition of VRV, Chart offers a range of vaporizer product types and models.

Engineering and manufacturing centers in the US, Czech Republic, China, Italy and India.

Vaporizers can be supplied in accordance with all recognized, applicable international design codes.

Typical fluids include nitrogen, oxygen, argon, LNG, hydrogen and carbon dioxide and we also supply vaporization solutions for ammonia, propane, ethylene, chlorine and many other liquid gases and cryogens.

Vaporizers can be supplied as stand alone items or as a complete storage and vaporization solution including cryogenic storage tank(s), transfer piping and other accessories.

For large or remote systems where fossil fuels may be the only heat source, heat from combustion can be used indirectly in either a fuel fired water bath or fuel fired circulating water system vaporizer. Low NOx burners and proprietary heat recovery systems are available to increase efficiency and minimize any environmental impact.

Chart holds many design patents and a significant number of trademarks that are the industry benchmark for superior effciency and performance.

Model types - scroll down and use the tiles for product details and specifications.

Ambient Air Vaporizers

  • Natural draft
  • Mobile/relocatable units

Water Bath Vaporizers

  • Indirect fired
  • Electric
  • Steam sparged

Circulating Water Vaporizers

  • Cold water
  • Cryo-Coils
  • Indirectly fired water circulating system

Thermablock™ Electric Vaporizers

  • Thermablock process vaporizers and trim heaters
  • Thermablock pressure builder vaporizers
  • Combo vaporizers

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