Hydrogen Energy Solutions

Chart is your ideal project partner to deliver hydrogen as a secure, clean, safe and affordable alternative to fossil fuels.

Because of its high diffusivity, extremely low density, wide flammability range and ultra-low temperature in liquid form, hydrogen presents a series of unique challenges for its safe and economical storage and distribution.

Through our deep cryogenic expertise and proven track record of delivering solutions for a huge range of liquefied gases, including hydrogen, Chart is uniquely positioned to address the hydrogen value chain.

Liquid Hydrogen Storage

Chart cryogenic hydrogen storage tank

  • More compact and energy dense solution
  • Eliminates high pressure cylinders and tanks
  • Pipelines are expensive anyway and especially so with hydrogen where they need to be much thicker and more heavily insulated than natural gas pipelines
  • Scale adapted solutions for all stakeholders
  • Proven technology with many reference points

Why Chart?

Chart’s proven, shop built standard components and cryogenic technologies create optimal reliability and use of our equipment. Principal equipment, including cryogenic storage tanks, cryogenic transport equipment, vacuum jacketed piping, flow meters, and fueling stations, are engineered and built in-house. Equipment packages are built for road transport resulting in easy installation at site.

  • Complete range of highly engineered products
  • Bespoke engineering and design
  • Complete custom engineered turn-key solutions
  • In-house design, manufacture and testing in accordance with recognized international codes and standards
  • Proven track record – Chart equipment is already used by many prestigious organizations delivering hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles, as clean burning energy, in industrial processes, for research and as a rocket propellant
  • Shop built equipment facilitates modularization for reduced project complexity, cost, time-scale and site-work
  • Extensive range of after-sales services including installation, commissioning, start-up, training and servicing
  • Engineering and manufacturing in US, Europe, India and China

Chart cryogenic hydrogen storage tank 2

Principal Chart Products

  • Cryogenic storage tanks and accessories
  • Vacuum jacketed pipe and associated systems
  • Cryogenic transport equipment including transport trailers, cryogenic ISO containers and railcars
  • High pressure tube trailers
  • Flow meters and instrumentation
  • Fueling stations

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